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A Bit About Me

My farming life first began in rural South Carolina.  My grandparents were "next door neighbors" with several acres between their actual homes.  I have many happy memories riding through my grandfather's trails in the woods and hours cooking, canning, baking with my Nana.  My family eventually moved to Coastal Georgia, and rural farm life became small-city, subdivision life. 

Now that I have my own family and we moved to a home that supports a beautiful garden space, I'm loving the life of growing and creating my own food. My Nana, whom spent so many hours with me in her kitchen, passed several years ago and I feel close to her in my kitchen now.

From fresh produce like tomatoes, herbs, carrots, and garlic--to our backyard chickens and their beautiful shades of brown eggs, I have begun to develop a love and appreciation for Mother Nature and the care that goes into the land that provides such delicious food to nurture us.

Join me as I grow and learn, not just with gardening, but using the food that comes out of my garden in canning, fermenting, and cooking.

In 2022, my husband and I began discussing a possibility of Lemon Blossom Farms and we are starting to make that a reality in 2023.

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Everyday Llama Garden Life

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Raised Bed Gardens

The majority of our plant-able space in our yard is raised bed. Our clay soil and tendency towards frequent, heavy rains lends our soil less desirable. We obtained finished compost and garden soil from a local supplier and amended accordingly. Check out our "what's growing" section to see what things we like to grow!


Backyard Chickens

We are home to 19 total of the following layers:

New Hampshire Red (1, 6 year old left)

Cuckoo Marans

Golden Comets

Olive Egger

Blue Egger

Plymoth Blue Rock

Rhode Island Reds

We also processed our first meat birds (process date 4-20-2022, 11 birds *featured in photo)

and 24 more on 3/19/2023

Cooking, Canning, Caring

There's no point in a good garden harvest if it's going to go to waste. Learning to preserve and cook the carefully cultivated gifts of the garden is a passion here. Yes, going to the grocery store may be easier but the fresh food from the backyard, knowing what's going into it (and what's not) and the precious memories created with my girls is worth the extra time.

I love learning these skills and if you want access to where I've learned many new techniques check out the link below and consider joining HOA, I am an affiliate and earn a small commission if you join through me.


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