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Back to School Prep

On top of book bags, lunchboxes, papers and pencils, those of us with littles headed back to school (aka center for learning and germ-sharing) we also need to worry about making sure their immune systems are ready! Mostly that is plenty of sleep and healthy eating. Probiotics from pickled and fermented foods can help keep our guts healthy which bolsters our immune systems (in theory). See recipe below based on Wecks fiery cider recipe.


1 quart jar

1/2 cup ginger root sliced thinly

1/2 cup horseradish root NOT horseradish sauce

1/4 cup turmeric (I used paste I had made and frozen from my garden)

1/2 cup onion chunky sliced, I use red

10 garlic cloves smashed or make it easy and use chunky chop

1/2 cup jalapeños or similar hot pepper

1 lemon sliced and seeds removed

1 tsp raw honey

Organic apple cider vinegar

These ingredients should be organic. Once all ingredients placed with lemon slices placed last on top fill the jar with apple cider vinegar I used a glass fermenting weight to hold everything below the vinegar. Leave 1 inch head space. Allow to sit approximately 4 weeks; while not necessary you can burp it. Strain the ingredients out and give them to the chickens 🙂 for a fermented treat.

Most of the ingredients came from our backyard with the following exceptions.

I wish you and your family a wonderful school year regardless of where and how school is happening. Stay healthy and happy growing!

Lots of love,

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