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Wintertime Garden Update

I slacked off towards the end of this year and I’m a bit sorry for it. The weight of everything since the rough, very hot, very wet summer made the end of my garden season less than stellar. Fall gardening was wonderful but we had a rare deep freeze that lasted 4 days here in zone 9a and a few of my plants are mush and many others a bit stunted. Don’t think any of this has hindered me in my ability to continue to work on preserving what I have, cooking and learning new recipes that work for my family and our schedules.

January 2nd, as the 1st was a bit busy for our family, was my tomato starting day. 10-12 weeks will be our last frost date and I like to give my tomato babies this long before planting out anyway as I tend to bury them deep so don’t mind if they get a little leggy.

We continue to be on the lookout for land in our area to be a potential small farm or even just larger homestead. In the meantime I’m still trying to make this waiting room our classroom. I love my home, we just have bigger ambitions and would enjoy food security. So in the meantime we will likely grow another round of meat chickens to harvest, add a bit to our small laying flock and try to tackle a number of both maintenance and small projects we would like done around here.

Things I grew this year that grew well:

Thai Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

Flat Leaf Parsley




Basils especially lettuce leaf

Yellow Bell Tomato

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Thai long beans

Ping tung long eggplants

Orange Fish Pepper

Super Slicer Peppers

Jalapeños of all varieties grown

Scorpion peppers

Bhut Peppers


Banana tree

Thai mint

Things that didn’t go so well that had previously:

All other tomatoes






Arroz Con Pollo





Things I have planted from Fall for upcoming year:



Yod Fah Broccoli





Sugar Cane

I'm looking at the spring with excitement but very much trying to live in the moment as I enjoy "winter" and we like to do things like go camping, generally enjoy the outdoors as it is very hot in summer here and the humidity and frequent storms can make planning outdoor activities a bit difficult. Hopefully this new year will bring lots of grow both in garden and for me as an individual as I'm trying to find my place again in what I feel will be a cultural renaissance post COVID even if it might be interspersed with some difficulty navigating this VERY changed structure at least for our family. We are trying to quit fighting this change and move forward, something often difficult for me as I'm not a fan of change. Here's hoping you have happy planning or even early growing if you're fortunate!

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